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CSS-Minsk-JS is the first Belarusian conference for front-end developers and UI specialists with all talks in English. It will be held on September 10 in Renaissance hotel, Minsk.
Right after the conference all participants and speakers are invited to our awesome after-party!

The conference will consist of 2 tracks: CSS track (talks about CSS, SVG, a11y etc.) and JS track (performance, frameworks, devtools etc.).

Speakers from the USA, the UK, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Russia and many more (among who are GDE experts) are coming to share their experience and knowledge and have great time with Belarusian communities.

400+ developers will gather together to learn about latest trends in CSS and JS world. Among the topics of the conference are:

  • applications monitoring;
  • performance optimization;
  • isomorphic applications;
  • developer tools;
  • l10n standards;
  • present and future of CSS;
  • usability and a11y;
  • media in browser (audio, video, WebVR);
  • graphic for web (SVG, animations);
  • to be continued…

Our main goal is experience and knowledge sharing in international community. We support ideas of open web, opensource software and free access to knowledge. The conference is organised by 2 tech communities: MinskJS and MinskCSS.

The line-up, speakers and tickets are available on css-minsk-js.by. Join us here and on twitter @CSS_Minsk_JS to get all the freshest updates. The official hashtag is #cssminskjs.


To discuss partnership, buy tickets and ask other event related questions, please, contact the conference project manager Daria Shabala:

  • +375 29 7393416;
  • daria@eventspace.by.

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23 сентября 2017
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30 — 31 декабря 2017
Space, Минск
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