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MobileOptimized 2018 will be held on October 7 in Minsk, Belarus. The conference is organized by SPACE Production with the support of local IT communities: GDG Minsk & CocoaHeads Belarus. The conference is annual and takes roots in 2011 year.

Previous year’s website: mo.dev.by.
Videos of talks from 2017.

The main purpose of MO is to sharpen developers’ skills in order to make it easier for them to uncover all new trends in mobile development. We are working to create fruitful network to discuss the most interesting cases in mobile development.

According to the survey about mobile development state in Belarus we've highlighted top topic:

Android architecture (memory and process management)
Performance optimization of Android apps
Gradle CI/CD

Swift Frameworks (TensorFlow for Swift, SwiftNIO)
Best Practices for Swift
Debugging, LLDB, XCode features

AI/ML (Tensorflow, Firebase MLKit)
UI/UX (fresh design, animation)
Cheap and productive code
Application Protection (reverse-engineering), User Data Security

Speakers will be announce soon. Stay tuned and follow us: moconf.by

If you have any questions, ask the organizer: lera@eventspace.by.

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