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Workshop programme:


Session 1: 09.00 - 10.30 Reconnecting to our core purpose as trainers

Understanding the international challenges of our business clients, and providing them with tools and techniques to communicate more effectively should lie at the core of our training activity. This session reveals today’s core international and cross-cultural challenges which our clients face at work, and asks us to reconsider the importance of language as an international competence.


Session 2: 10.45 - 12.15 Communicating excellently internationally

What is the right way to communicate internationally? Is there an international style which will succeed in all contexts? If flexibility is the answer, when and how should we be flexible? This session explores the challenges of managing diverse communication styles, and provides a model of ‘interactive dialogue’ successfully promoted within York Associates’ training for almost twenty years.  


Session 3: 13.30 - 15.00 Sharing insights into international team building 

Working in teams is still the default working structure for most business professionals. Understanding the psychology of teams, and principles of high performing teams is essential for trainers who wish to support their business clients to communicate effectively. This session introduces the Team Management Profile, a psychometric model validated for over forty years, and explore how Business English trainers can exploit insights in the classroom.


Session 4: 15.15 - 17.00 Developing people not language - the extra human challenge


As Business English trainers engage more in communication coaching, they face the challenge of giving new forms of feedback, some of which may generate resistance and discomfort in their clients. This session explores the essential skills of communication feedback and coaching inside an ELT context, and provides insights into best and worst practice.


Session 5: 17.00 - 17.30 Asking questions and exploring answers

21 — 22 march
Отель «Ренессанс Минск», Минск
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